About Us

Welcome to Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding.

We are Jan and Jamie, and this is Jaspurr our beautiful Ragdoll cat.

Our Cat Jaspurr

Jaspurr has been our inspiration for Ali Cats. We wanted to design and run a boutique cat boarding facility where your precious cat can enjoy their holiday while you enjoy yours.

Our boutique cat boarding facility is perfectly located at Toorbul along the Pumicestone Passage not far from Caboolture and Morayfield. We are ideally situated to service Brisbane, the Moreton Bay Region and the Sunshine Coast offering resort style accommodation for your pampered cat. 

Your cat will love Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding!

Our goal is to provide a cat boarding facility where cats can be free of stress and enjoy their stay.

We are a small boutique cattery so are able to spend more one-on-one time with your cat developing a relationship and promoting both the mental and physical well-being of your cat.

All boarders receive daily pampering as part of their stay.

Pampering includes brushing, patting, playing, cuddles and whatever your cat enjoys.

The purpose built multilevel boarding rooms are luxurious, spacious, stimulating and provide plenty of places for even the shyest cat to hide until they are feeling braver and ready to explore.

They will find; ramps and stairs to climb, carpeted areas to sharpen their claws, a hammock, a swing bridge and many ledges to lie on.

All resort rooms have uninterrupted views front and back.

The back window looks out at the river while the front view is our garden which houses many birds, chickens, kangaroos and the occasional goat.

At Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding every effort will be made to meet all your cat’s needs, from catering to special dietary requirements to ensuring your cat has a balance of recreation and rest time.