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Do you provide care for older cats in your boarding facility?

At Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding we are able to provide care for older cats and also for cats with a physical disability.

For a cat, middle age begins at about the age of 7 years and as their age increases their muscles and bones weaken, their immune system weakens, internal organs deteriorate and they are at greater risk of developing dental disease. They generally become a lot less mobile and tend to sleep a lot. Sometimes their personality alters when they enter their senior years and they may become grumpier or more loving.

At Ali Cats we are able to provide quality care for older cats.  We understand that a lot of older cats have some degree of arthritis and mobility problems. Our rooms are all multilevel however there are ramps and stairs designed for the cat who cannot jump to get to the different levels of the room. For the cat who is completely unable to walk up the stairs and ramps and enjoy the various levels, our lower level offers a spacious area filled with low beds, soft comfortable bedding and cushions. The food and water are kept on the lower level for easy access. The litter box has a low side to make it easy for a cat with arthritis to get in and out of and is also placed within easy reach for the elderly cat who is slower on his paws.

At Ali Cats we provide care for older cats who have health concerns such as diabetes, kidney disease and require a special diet or even dental disease which makes it hard for cats to eat properly. We will feed your cat any special dietary requirements supplied by you to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

Older cats do not cope with change as well as younger cats so when your cat comes to board with us at Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding  we recommend you bring with them their favourite blanket or bed.

What will my cat be fed?

At Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding we provide a choice of Hills Science Diet or Royal Canin dry food.  

In addition to the dry kibble we also offer a variety of fresh meat and fish in the evening.

If your cat would prefer a different diet to what we offer at our cattery, that is not a problem. Just bring your cat’s food along with them and we are happy to feed it to your cat.

At Ali Cats we will monitor the amount your cat eating, fluid intake and also their elimination patterns to ensure they are getting the optimal amount of nutrition

Do cats fret at Ali Cats?

Most cats fret initially when they realise they are in unfamiliar surroundings and the people they love most in the world are not there.

Some cats fret and go off their food for the first day. We find that generally a cat who did not want to eat during the day often will feed overnight. Often times the food bowl is empty when I go in to see the cats in the morning. We vigilantly monitor all guests to ensure they are eating, drinking and toileting appropriately.

For most cats it takes about a day or two for them to relax and enjoy their environment. The more frequently your cat boards at our luxury pet retreat the more familiar we become to your cat and the quicker they relax into their environment. We spend a lot of the day and evening socialising with our boarding room guests. We believe giving each cat a lot of affection and attention will dramatically reduce your cat fretting.

At Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding we understand that even the bravest and most adventurous of cats need to have some places were they can go to feel private and safe. Our boarding rooms all have many places for your cat to hide in and still be able to see everything that is happening both inside and outside the cattery.

At Ali Cats we suggest you bring something from home to help your cat settle in. This might be your cats favourite pillow or bedding or toy. Another good idea is bring something of yours for example the pillow case you have just been using. We will put that on a cushion in the boarding room and your cat will felt comforted by the smell of you on the cushion. Your cat’s belongings stay in the room with your cat for their entire stay and do not get shared amongst other cats in the cattery.

What if my cat requires medication during their stay?

We will administer all provided medication as per veterinary instructions at no additional cost.

What if my cat gets sick or injured during their stay?

If your cat gets sick or injured during their stay at Ali Cats we take immediate action.

As soon as we notice your cat has become unwell we will contact you or your emergency contact person to inform you of any signs and symptoms of illness that your cat is displaying.

If you live in the Caboolture or Morayfield area and your cat gets sick we will take your cat to your local vet if time permits. Otherwise we have 24 hour access to a local Veterinary service which we will be using in the event of your cat becoming unwell. 

If you would prefer us to take your cat to your own vet then travel expenses will be involved. 

Any veterinary treatment related costs are the responsibility of the cat’s owner  and the owner will be billed by the Veterinary surgery.

If during your cat’s stay at Ali Cats it requires medication we provide the service of administering medication according to Veterinary instructions, at no cost.

Why should I choose Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding to care for my precious cat while I am on holidays?

There are many reasons for choosing Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding to care for your cat.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding  is a family owned and managed boutique cat boarding facility located at our home at Toorbul. Having the cat boarding facility at our home allows us to spend a lot of one on one time with each and every guest. We get to treat all cats as if they are our own.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding is purpose built and designed to provide a luxurious and spacious multilevel environment which is both stimulating and relaxing for your cat.  Each room comes with stairs and ramps to climb, carpet for sharpening claws, ledges and hammock to lie on and private areas for quiet times. Each boarding room provides stimulating views from both front and back windows.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding  provides a mobile cat taxi service if required. We can pick up your cat and bring it to Ali Cats and drop off your cat at the end of your holiday. Our mobile cat taxi services from Brisbane through Caboolture to the Sunshine Coast. We can also arrange pick-up and drop-off your cat at both the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Airport.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding  is a cat only pet retreat. This helps to keep your cat’s stress level to a minimum.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding maintains the highest level of infection control standards. Each room is cleaned every day and waste is removed immediately. Rooms are terminally cleaned and disinfected between cats.

We hope you choose to trust us at Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding to care for your cat while you are away. We aim to provide your precious cat with a happy, stress-free stay in our boarding facility with much love, affection and attention while you enjoy your time away.  

I have 2 cats, can they stay together in your cattery?

Yes absolutely cats from the same family can share accommodation in our boutique cattery. 

A lot of cats are part of a multi-cat family and we believe it is important to keep the cats together during their holiday in our cattery. Cats are social creatures and having a brother or sister in the same room is good for their mental and physical wellbeing and helps to decrease the stress of being away from home.

At Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding we understand that cats are like chocolate, its hard to stop at just one.  For us at Ali Cats we love cats and the more the merrier. We enjoy watching the interaction between the cats in a multi-cat family, their hierarchy and their play and sleep. What is cuter than cats curled up asleep together?

Our cattery is purpose built with very spacious multilevel boarding rooms which could easily house 3 cats comfortably.

Each cat boarding room provide many ledges and shelves and privacy areas for when one of the cats need some alone time.

We give each cat in the multi-cat family their own feed station.  This assists each cat to have the opportunity to eat and if he is being nosed out of one feed station he can go to another one. This ensures that each cat gets an opportunity to eat.

We can provide individual litter boxes for each cat if this is what your cat is used to having in their multi-cat family. We understand that some cats are very particular about their toilet behaviours.

We give each cat individual interactive playtime and lap cuddles a number of times every day as well as group cuddles and playtime for the multi-cat family in our cattery.

At Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding we reduce our fees for multi-cat families sharing accommodation. Second and subsequent cats have a 50% reduction, therefore the fees are decreased to just $11.00 per night per subsequent cat.