Why should I choose Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding to care for my precious cat while I am on holidays?

There are many reasons for choosing Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding to care for your cat.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding  is a family owned and managed boutique cat boarding facility located at our home at Toorbul. Having the cat boarding facility at our home allows us to spend a lot of one on one time with each and every guest. We get to treat all cats as if they are our own.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding is purpose built and designed to provide a luxurious and spacious multilevel environment which is both stimulating and relaxing for your cat.  Each room comes with stairs and ramps to climb, carpet for sharpening claws, ledges and hammock to lie on and private areas for quiet times. Each boarding room provides stimulating views from both front and back windows.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding  provides a mobile cat taxi service if required. We can pick up your cat and bring it to Ali Cats and drop off your cat at the end of your holiday. Our mobile cat taxi services from Brisbane through Caboolture to the Sunshine Coast. We can also arrange pick-up and drop-off your cat at both the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Airport.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding  is a cat only pet retreat. This helps to keep your cat’s stress level to a minimum.

Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding maintains the highest level of infection control standards. Each room is cleaned every day and waste is removed immediately. Rooms are terminally cleaned and disinfected between cats.

We hope you choose to trust us at Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding to care for your cat while you are away. We aim to provide your precious cat with a happy, stress-free stay in our boarding facility with much love, affection and attention while you enjoy your time away.