Do you provide care for older cats in your boarding facility?

At Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding we are able to provide care for older cats and also for cats with a physical disability.

For a cat, middle age begins at about the age of 7 years and as their age increases their muscles and bones weaken, their immune system weakens, internal organs deteriorate and they are at greater risk of developing dental disease. They generally become a lot less mobile and tend to sleep a lot. Sometimes their personality alters when they enter their senior years and they may become grumpier or more loving.

At Ali Cats we are able to provide quality care for older cats.  We understand that a lot of older cats have some degree of arthritis and mobility problems. Our rooms are all multilevel however there are ramps and stairs designed for the cat who cannot jump to get to the different levels of the room. For the cat who is completely unable to walk up the stairs and ramps and enjoy the various levels, our lower level offers a spacious area filled with low beds, soft comfortable bedding and cushions. The food and water are kept on the lower level for easy access. The litter box has a low side to make it easy for a cat with arthritis to get in and out of and is also placed within easy reach for the elderly cat who is slower on his paws.

At Ali Cats we provide care for older cats who have health concerns such as diabetes, kidney disease and require a special diet or even dental disease which makes it hard for cats to eat properly. We will feed your cat any special dietary requirements supplied by you to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

Older cats do not cope with change as well as younger cats so when your cat comes to board with us at Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding  we recommend you bring with them their favourite blanket or bed.