I have 2 cats, can they stay together in your cattery?

Yes absolutely cats from the same family can share accommodation in our boutique cattery. 

A lot of cats are part of a multi-cat family and we believe it is important to keep the cats together during their holiday in our cattery. Cats are social creatures and having a brother or sister in the same room is good for their mental and physical wellbeing and helps to decrease the stress of being away from home.

At Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding we understand that cats are like chocolate, its hard to stop at just one.  For us at Ali Cats we love cats and the more the merrier. We enjoy watching the interaction between the cats in a multi-cat family, their hierarchy and their play and sleep. What is cuter than cats curled up asleep together?

Our cattery is purpose built with very spacious multilevel boarding rooms which could easily house 3 cats comfortably.

Each cat boarding room provide many ledges and shelves and privacy areas for when one of the cats need some alone time.

We give each cat in the multi-cat family their own feed station.  This assists each cat to have the opportunity to eat and if he is being nosed out of one feed station he can go to another one. This ensures that each cat gets an opportunity to eat.

We can provide individual litter boxes for each cat if this is what your cat is used to having in their multi-cat family. We understand that some cats are very particular about their toilet behaviours.

We give each cat individual interactive playtime and lap cuddles a number of times every day as well as group cuddles and playtime for the multi-cat family in our cattery.

At Ali Cats Boutique Cat Boarding we reduce our fees for multi-cat families sharing accommodation. Second and subsequent cats have a 50% reduction, therefore the fees are decreased to just $11.00 per night per subsequent cat.