What if my cat gets sick or injured during their stay?

If your cat gets sick or injured during their stay at Ali Cats we take immediate action.

As soon as we notice your cat has become unwell we will contact you or your emergency contact person to inform you of any signs and symptoms of illness that your cat is displaying.

If you live in the Caboolture or Morayfield area and your cat gets sick we will take your cat to your local vet if time permits. Otherwise we have 24 hour access to a local Veterinary service which we will be using in the event of your cat becoming unwell. 

If you would prefer us to take your cat to your own vet then travel expenses will be involved. 

Any veterinary treatment related costs are the responsibility of the cat’s owner  and the owner will be billed by the Veterinary surgery.

If during your cat’s stay at Ali Cats it requires medication we provide the service of administering medication according to Veterinary instructions, at no cost.